35+ years of Gala Equestrian
signed by Proeventi

Proeventi has produced most of the Gala of Fieracavalli, from 1985 to today: from La Briglia d'Oro to HorseLyric to ArabianDreams, from Celebration to Dreams. The Agency has also signed some Gala equestrian with Mario Luraschi and Maurice Galle. In 2009 he realizes the show Rêve, an equestrian dream. The following year he created the show Zorro! with the equestrian company of Gregory Ancelotti and in 2016 produces White - il colore dei sogni, written and directed by Antonio Giarola on behalf of Flavio and Daniele Togni.

The Gala d'Oro
of Fieracavalli

"The great music accompanies the dance, the equestrian mastery sings its immortality. The Golden Gala tells all this, evokes the great composers, equestrian art, madness, courage, elegance, the ineffability of life."

"Ah, horses, horses... what horses are you! Do the whirlwinds dwell between your manes? Does a sharp ear vibrate in your every nerve? Having just heard the famous song from above, all in unison have stretched out the bronze breasts, and without almost touching them with the earth clogs, they are drawn only in elongated lines, translucent in midair, and devour the space the trojka, all infused with the breath of God!"
Nikolaj Vasil'evič Gogol'